Registering Your Vehicle in Arkansas

Here at South Jersey Auto Tags we help auto dealers in Arkansas quickly get the registrations, tags, and titles they need in a timely manner to ensure that the sales process goes off without a hitch. We invite you to contact us or fill out our online quote form for fast service.

For Fast Service:

Mandatory Documentation with all transactions

  • Power of Attorney from the Customer to the dealership (if purchased from a dealership)
  • A valid Arkansas Driver’s License for buyer and co-buyer
  • Proof of valid Arkansas Insurance
  • South Jersey Auto Tags Power of Attorney


  • Completed Title/Manufacturer Certificate of Origin (reassignment form if applicable)
  • Bill of Sale
  • Proof of tax paid receipt (if applicable)
  • Federal Odometer Statement
  • Personal Property Tax Number (PPAN) assigned from your county assessor
  • Title Assignment
  • Vehicle Registration Application

Utility Trailer Registration

  • Previous Owners Registration
  • Bill of Sale
  • Completed Title/Manufacturer Certificate of Origin/Reassignment form (if applicable)
  • Notice of Transfer of Ownership
  • Vehicle Registration Application


  • Current Registration
  • Manufacturer Certificate of Origin
  • Bill of Sale
  • Proof from your county assessor showing that the boat has been assessed or listed for assessment for the current year.
  • Proof that personal property taxes due by the previous October 10th have been paid. Acceptable proof is either your receipt from your county tax collector, or certification of payment stamped on your assessment papers.

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Please make sure you have your primary documents and insurance card ready before starting this process. There will be information from these documents you will need to complete this process. If you are transferring a plate, registration must be current.

The Department shall not renew or update the ownership of a motorboat without verification that the hull identification number (HIN) complies with federal requirements. When renewing a motorboat, or applying for registration for a newly purchased new or used motorboat, the applicant must present verification that the HIN complies with federal law. Such verification may be a legible pencil rubbing or a legible printed photograph of the HIN. To obtain a pencil rubbing, place a piece of white paper, such as computer paper, over the HIN and rub a pencil over the paper until the number appears completely and legibly on the paper.

 A bill of sale must contain a description of the boat including the hull identification number, year, make and horsepower, the amount of sale, be dated and signed by the buyer and seller. If a trailer is included it must be itemized on the bill of sale for sales tax purposes or be on a separate bill of sale.