Registering Your Vehicle in Wisconsin

Here at South Jersey Auto Tags we help auto dealers in Wisconsin quickly get the registrations, tags, and titles they need in a timely manner to ensure that the sales process goes off without a hitch. We invite you to contact us or fill out our online quote form for fast service.

For Fast Service:

Mandatory with all transactions

  • Proof of Identity
  • Proof of Wisconsin Insurance
  • The Certificate of Title (not a photocopy) signed by the previous owner. If there are any alterations on the title, complete Statement of Intent (MV2489)
  • Wisconsin Title and License Plate application (MV1) (make a copy for your records)
  • Lein information / release (if applicable)
  • South Jersey Auto Tags Power of Attorney

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Vehicles require an emissions test

The following vehicles are exempt from emissions testing requirements (but removal or tampering with emissions equipment on any of the listed motor vehicles is prohibited):

  • Model year 1995 and older vehicles.
  • Model year 1996 and newer vehicles that are not OBDII-compliant (must be verified at a test station).
  • Diesel powered vehicles with a model year 2006 and older.
  • Autocycles.
  • Motorcycles and mopeds.
  • Vehicles with a gross weight rating over 14,000 lbs.
  • Model year 2006 and older vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) over 8,500 pounds
  • Trucks with farm registration.
  • Non-motorized vehicles.
  • School buses and human service vehicles with seating capacity of 16 or more people.
  • Vehicles registered as special design vehicles, Medal of Honor and apportioned plates.
  • Electric powered vehicles.

Note: Hybrid vehicles using electric power and gasoline/diesel fuel are subject to inspection.