Registering Your Vehicle in Kentucky

Here at South Jersey Auto Tags we help auto dealers in Kentucky quickly get the registrations, tags, and titles they need in a timely manner to ensure that the sales process goes off without a hitch. We invite you to contact us or fill out our online quote form for fast service.

For Fast Service:

For In-State Vehicles

  • Proof of Kentucky insurance (issue date within 45 days)
  • Photo ID
  • Completed(TC96-182) and signed-over Kentucky title. (signatures must be notarized)

Out Of State

  • Proof of Kentucky Insurance (issue date within 45 days)
  • Photo ID
  • Completed (TC96-182) and signed-over title.

To get a Replacement/Duplicate Title, you will need the following:

  • Form (TC96-182) properly completed including the owner section and the vehicle identification section.
  • Title number OR license plate number
  • Picture ID or driver’s license

Registering for the first time

  • Photo ID
  • Current original (not a copy) proof of Kentucky insurance effective date within 45 days 
  • Vehicles brought into Kentucky from another state will be required to have a Sheriff’s Inspection

Transferring Ownership Kentucky Citizen to Kentucky Citizen

  • Title
  • Proof of Kentucky Insurance
  • Proof of Identification

Selling a Vehicle to an Out-of-State Resident

  • Form TC96-3 Affidavit of Incomplete Transfer  if the vehicle has not been transferred within 15 days

All of the above requires a Limited Power of Attorney for South Jersey Auto Tags to sign on your behalf.

A bill of Sale

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VIN inspections are required on all vehicles unless the vehicle is leased

If your name on your title is different than your ID, you must provide an affidavit showing they are one and the same. A marriage license or divorce decree are good examples.  

If your state only issues a registration or bill of sale, bring those in place of the signed-over title. (signatures must be notarized) 

Title Lien Statements must be submitted to the County Clerk’s office where the Title and Registration will be processed. All Title Lien documents and/or payments received by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet will be returned to the sender.

Out-of-State insurance is acceptable if the customer is Active Duty Military (that individual must be listed on the title of the vehicle). Examples of acceptable proof of Active Duty Military are: Active Military ID, a letter from the Provost Marshal, LES (pay stub).

In the sale of a vehicle, the seller in the presence of a notary must sign the back of the Title, which signs over ownership of the vehicle.

Older Titles, prior to 2000, may require a completed TC96-182 to complete the transfer process.

When selling a vehicle to an out-of-state Resident you will need to notify your County Clerk’s office with the name and state of the new owner.  You will also need to return the Kentucky license plate to your Kentucky County Clerk’s office. If you were a resident of Kentucky and owner of the vehicle January 1st you may have property taxes due on that vehicle.