Registering Your Vehicle in Maryland

Here at South Jersey Auto Tags we help auto dealers in Maryland quickly get the registrations, tags, and titles they need in a timely manner to ensure that the sales process goes off without a hitch. We invite you to contact us or fill out our online quote form for fast service.

For Fast Service:

Mandatory Documentation with all transactions

  • Certificate of Title
  • Accurate reading of your Odometer
  • Odometer Disclosure Statement (if Applicable)
  • Lien holder information (If Applicable)
  • Additional Owner Information (If Applicable)
  • Dealership Power of Attorney for the Customer (if applicable)
  • South Jersey Auto Tags Power of Attorney
  • Title filled out by buyer and seller and/or reassignment paperwork
  • Front and back copy of Customers license (buyer & co-buyer)
  • Copy of the Bill of Sale
  • Copy of valid customers insurance
  • Social Security number of buyers & co-buyers

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A safety inspection is required on all used vehicles and must accompany DMV paperwork.

Gift Certificate (Form #VR-103) can be used for titling a vehicle if it is to be given as a gift from one family member to another family member. This form must be completed and submitted with the assigned title. If transferring a vehicle from an Aunt or Uncle to a Niece and/or Nephew you will need to have the Certified Statement (Form #VR-299) accompany the Gift Certification form.

Odometer Disclosure Statement (Form #VR-197) can be used by a license dealer in the State of Maryland. Allows the disclosure of a vehicle’s odometer mileage from the transferor (seller) to the transferee (buyer). This form should accompany the title transaction.