Registering Your Vehicle in Colorado

Here at South Jersey Auto Tags we help auto dealers in Colorado quickly get the registrations, tags, and titles they need in a timely manner to ensure that the sales process goes off without a hitch. We invite you to contact us or fill out our online quote form for fast service.

For Fast Service:

What You Need

  • Proof of Insurance
  • Secure and Verifiable Identification
  • The current title or other ownership documents properly endorsed by the previous owner
  • Odometer disclosure complete
  • A bill of sale for sales tax purposes
  • If a lien is to be recorded, an acceptable mortgage document (security agreement) must be provided. The mortgage document must be an original, carbon copy, or a certified copy and must contain vehicle description – year, make, vehicle identification number or VIN, lienholder’s name and address, lien amount, and owner’s signature.

 If the vehicle was titled in another state a VIN verification must be completed.

  • Title assigned in owner’s name or current out of state registration.
  • Secure and Verifiable Identification Information
  • Proof of Colorado Vehicle Emissions
  • Proof Of Insurance

Duplicate Replacement

Apply for a duplicate/replacement title when your original motor vehicle certificate of title is:

  • Illegible
  • Lost
  • Stolen
  • Mutilated
  • Altered

Residents Must Provide:

  • Duplicate Title Request and Receipt
  • Secure and Verifiable Identification for vehicles purchased on or after 7/1/2006
  • The vehicle identification number (VIN) and/or Colorado title number
  • A power of attorney when applying on behalf of the owner of record

A lien release is required for all active liens. The lien release must be on the lienholder’s letterhead (letterhead is not required if the lienholder is an individual). Photo and fax copies are accepted and must include vehicle year, make, VIN, titled owner’s name(s), agent’s signature, date of lien release and must be signed under penalty of perjury in the second degree as defined in C.R.S. 18-8-503.

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 If there is more than one owner of the vehicle, all owners are required to declare their intent to have the Certificate of Title issued in Joint Tenancy with Rights of Survivorship. This may be accomplished by completing the Joint Tenancy with Rights of Survivorship Acknowledgement of Intent form located within the Title and/or Registration Application. 

 Registration of your vehicle(s) may be denied or delayed if the Colorado Motor Vehicle Registration file does not show insurance coverage for the vehicle(s).  You must provide any of these forms of proof to your county motor vehicle office before you can register your vehicle(s). 

Colorado residents who wish to register vehicles that will not be operated for a period of time or are temporarily residing out of state with valid out of state insurance, may complete the Affidavit of Non-Use and submit it to their county motor vehicle office.

 Gasoline vehicles are exempt from an emissions test for the first seven model years. Diesel vehicles are exempt from an emissions test for first four model years.   

The following vehicle are exempt from an emissions inspections:

  • Kit cars
  • all-electric vehicles
  • motorcycles
  • horseless carriage
  • vehicles registered as street rods
  • farm vehicles